Why use a professional designer from Circle Services?

Our Landscape Designers bring a wealth of education and experience to every project. Our Designers help you through issues important to you and your family. We come to your home with knowledge, creative ideas and technical skills to develop a custom design that is uniquely suited to your home, lifestyle and personal preferences. Our designers understand the most appropriate plants for the conditions on your property from a horticultural standpoint. Balancing aesthetics with utility, your design will not only be beautiful, but it will enhance the flow of how you and your family enjoy the space.

Do I need a design for my project?

The scope of the project to be completed determines the need for a design. Enlarging a planting bed or adding simple elements to the landscape can often be accomplished with a verbal description or rough sketch. As the complexity of the project increases, such as with new construction or large changes to your existing landscape, a design/plan is a valuable tool in helping you visualize and plan the project. A design ensures that you are able to see how the project will look in proportion to your property, and will aid in coordinating different elements of a project such as a pool, fence and the landscaping. A design also allows us to phase portions of your project when desired. We look at outdoor landscape design as a living, breathing organism. The harmony of elements is what we look for to help your property reach its full potential.

How do I start the design process with Circle Services?

Contact us to set up an appointment to meet with one of our talented designers at your home. We want to hear how you envision the project and you and your family would like to use the space. Our design staff will work with you through the entire design and project process.

How long does it take to complete the landscape design process?

The design phase of the process normally takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and current design load.

How do I know I will like the design?

The design process is collaborative so that we work together to create a landscape that meets your goals and use, reflects your tastes and complements your house and site. We listen carefully to your ideas and vision for the property and obtain as much input as possible through our continuing discussions. You will be involved in every step of the way.

How does the landscape increase the value of my property?

A well designed and installed landscape increases curb appeal by adding to the overall value of the property. When designed well, the landscape can add 15% to the total value of your property. A properly designed landscape creates a welcoming outdoor space for you and your guests and increases the quality of life for you and your family.

What will it take to maintain the investment I have just made in my new garden?

Even if you have requested a “low maintenance” landscape, every property requires some tender loving care to help its intended beauty. This can usually be accomplished with a combination of regular weekly maintenance and specialty services provided as needed throughout the year. Proper maintenance of your garden includes water management through the seasons by adjusting your sprinkler time clock, monitoring your irrigation system for coverage and repairs/adjustments needed, pruning young trees and shrubs for structure, weeding, fertilization and bed and leaf clean-up. We can help accomplish this with assistance from our other departments. Remember, your landscape is only as good as its aftercare.