Retaining walls have long been a fundamental element in commercial and residential construction. And there’s no wonder why. A landscape retaining wall can transform a generic backyard into an elegant courtyard. A structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any commercial design. Retaining walls are used for stabilizing and controlling erosion of steeply sloped areas of the lot. In some cases, retaining walls are used in conjunction with terracing to provide a level area for recreational purposes. In either case, they should be designed to withstand the lateral pressures being exerted on them, by the soil and the hydrostatic pressures from behind the wall. Retaining walls may be built with concrete, construction timbers, railroad ties, stone, concrete or concrete blocks. Some concrete and concrete block walls have stone or brick veneer facings. On occasion, you may find a retaining wall of steel baskets filled with stones. This is referred to as a “gabion” retaining wall. As the gabions age, the steel baskets tend to corrode and deteriorate.

Circle Services offers retaining wall construction for the developer, the homebuilder and the homeowner – and does it by providing dependable service at affordable prices with beautiful results.

Landscape retaining walls make an excellent focal point in your yard. The beauty and flexibility that retaining walls offer can add dimension, depth, and wonder to any outdoor setting.

Structural retaining walls offer foundational support as well as interest to almost any commercial project. Choose from modular block, rock / stone or timber retaining walls.

Our mission is to build retaining walls that will not only last a lifetime, but will also compliment the surrounding landscape.