Whether your home needs to be built on a basement, slab or crawl space or you need some of underground pipe work done, you will need some excavation done. This is a job that even the experts do not want to on themselves for the reason that it is a hard and tough job to do. And unless you have the right equipments, you can not do them by yourself. Circle Services makes use of heavy machinery like backhoes andbulldozers to dig and remove the dirt and level the land in order for the construction team can begin with the construction. These projects can be commercial, utilities, residential, industrial, or even infrastructure like roads and bridges

Circle Services specializes in industrial excavation projects. These projects usually are related to modernization of manufacturing plants. Work includes slab and foundation removals, earth retention to support existing building structure, and limited access excavation for new pits and equipment foundations. This work is commonly performed on varying shifts and during plant shut downs with extremely difficult schedules to achieve and maintain.

Circle Services offers services in mechanical and electrical underground utility excavation. Exterior building utilities primarily consist of storm, sanitary, watermain and foundation drainage systems. We perform complete installation of piping materials including manholes, catch basins, vaults and gatewells. Circle Services can also provide specialty work such as tapping existing lines or vault structures.