Circle Services Construction offers a wide array of services to help beautify or rectify your residential or commercial property. We are licensed professionals in the Retaining Wall & Paver industry, as well as experts in the Excavation and Drainage business.

We offer custom drainage solutions for unique drainage problems. Water is the source of life – but it can also be a source of headaches for you if it is not draining properly. That’s where Circle Services Construction can help. We make your drainage problems disappear. And in addition, we can improve the value of your property by turning your drainage problems into drainage assets that will enhance your home or commercial establishment.

To get an idea of what we can do for you, please go to our photo gallery page and view some of the breathtakingly beautiful projects we’ve completed for the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens & Cancer Treatment Center of America. See all the skill, craftsmanship and loving attention to detail? We stand ready to put all that enthusiasm and expertise to work for you too!

And if you need any of the less glamorous services involved in getting your property well drained, we are experts in that field too. We know how important waterproofing, excavation, and erosion control are for the safety of your home or business, and we offer you the best service in these areas as well.